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Do you like Big Boobs? These hefty's are looking for you.

Pay Bone Added: 3/10/2003 Noun  
A chick who only fucks after you spend a lot of cash.
Submitted by: Hector 2,481 views 1.75 = Pay Bone Star Pay Bone Star (4 votes)

scattastic Added: 3/31/2003 Adjective  
Used to describe anything to do with shit. Good or bad.
Submitted by: Randode 2,941 views 1.75 = scattastic Star scattastic Star (4 votes)

hairy mites Added: 4/5/2003 Noun  
Bugs that live in your pubes.
Submitted by: SHO Off 3,249 views 1.00 = hairy mites Star (4 votes)

cockjockey Added: 4/10/2003 Noun  
Jerk or asshole. Used to describe anyone you don't like.
Submitted by: Terd Fergisun 2,705 views 1.75 = cockjockey Star cockjockey Star (4 votes)

triple dirty dip Added: 7/18/2003 Noun  
Fucking a chick in the ass, then the cunt, then making her give you head, or fuc...
Submitted by: 210club 1,849 views 1.75 = triple dirty dip Star triple dirty dip Star (4 votes)

mouse in the pussy(cat) Added: 8/8/2003 Noun  
When a woman is having cyber sex with a man and can no longer resist the urge fo...
Submitted by: Rob 1,671 views 1.00 = mouse in the pussy(cat) Star (4 votes)

snack table Added: 5/13/2004 Noun  
when you eat while boning a chick, you place a varios assortment of snacks on he...
Submitted by: Dylan 998 views 1.00 = snack table Star (4 votes)

Shepherd Lock Added: 11/7/2004 Noun  
placing a locking grip on the hair or on the head of a person who is giving you ...
Submitted by: Larry Hoagland 1,301 views 1.75 = Shepherd Lock Star Shepherd Lock Star (4 votes)

Rak-em' Up Added: 3/3/2005 Noun  
Find a girl with huge tits and put lube all over them. Place your dick between t...
Submitted by: Dave and JK 31,906 views 1.75 = Rak-em' Up Star Rak-em' Up Star (4 votes)

cram jam Added: 12/20/2005 Noun  
when you jam your penis in a chicks mouth really far.
Submitted by: buzz 31,564 views 1.00 = cram jam Star (4 votes)

Wilmington Deluxe Added: 1/20/2003 Noun  
when a guy armpit fucks a girl while drinking a 40
Submitted by: Big Mike 5,273 views 1.60 = Wilmington Deluxe Star Wilmington Deluxe Star (5 votes)

creamshower Added: 2/11/2003 Noun  
When you bust a nut all over a girls face and then proceed to piss on her face t...
Submitted by: John 2,635 views 1.60 = creamshower Star creamshower Star (5 votes)

oral log Added: 3/8/2003 Noun  
A diary of encounters involving fellatio or cunnillingus.
Submitted by: Bob Baseline 3,079 views 1.60 = oral log Star oral log Star (5 votes)

ham slam Added: 6/3/2004 Noun  
doing someone from the rear
Submitted by: jj 1,431 views 1.60 = ham slam Star ham slam Star (5 votes)

Western Sizzler Added: 1/3/2005 Noun  
When you are fucking a girl doggy style and you put in a dip and spit your dip j...
Submitted by: DonkeyDick 31,830 views 1.40 = Western Sizzler Star (5 votes)

stunt cock Added: 4/4/2005 Noun  
somebody that will stick it anywhere to get the job done
Submitted by: Abby and Phil 31,478 views 1.60 = stunt cock Star stunt cock Star (5 votes)

Sunny Delight Added: 5/3/2005 Noun  
When a guy is doing a dirty girl in the ass (the sun) and he pisses in her ass i...
Submitted by: Hory 31,551 views 1.40 = Sunny Delight Star (5 votes)

Basic Instinct Added: 11/4/2005 Noun  
when you go down on a female and her vagina is so raunchy that you vomit on it b...
Submitted by: Heath Houston 31,638 views 1.60 = Basic Instinct Star Basic Instinct Star (5 votes)

Changing Lanes Without A Signal Added: 12/20/2005 Verb  
While having sex doggystlye with someone switch and stick it in the girls butt w...
Submitted by: Matt Truxall 31,529 views 1.60 = Changing Lanes Without A Signal Star Changing Lanes Without A Signal Star (5 votes)

Hunchback of Slutty Dame's Added: 12/3/2005 Noun  
When you are sitting on a couch or chair, and a girl is kneeling on the ground i...
Submitted by: thechief 31,623 views 1.60 = Hunchback of Slutty Dame's Star Hunchback of Slutty Dame's Star (5 votes)

Clam Snot Added: 3/12/2006 Noun  
Female cum that is left on your dick after sex.
Submitted by: Trey 31,452 views 1.60 = Clam Snot Star Clam Snot Star (5 votes)

Harry Honnie Added: 7/5/2006 Noun  
When a girl has such a thick bush downstairs you cant find her clit.
Submitted by: Bacon Lord 31,631 views 1.60 = Harry Honnie Star Harry Honnie Star (5 votes)

Chowder House Added: 7/13/2006 Noun  
cumming in a sluts mouth in a steam room, and making her gargal it.
Submitted by: BustaNutz 31,382 views 1.60 = Chowder House Star Chowder House Star (5 votes)

Buds of Beauty Added: 11/11/2006 Noun  
Submitted by: Nenonian Harp Player 31,492 views 1.60 = Buds of Beauty Star Buds of Beauty Star (5 votes)

juggernut Added: 6/23/2007 Noun  
1. Landing a cum shot on her face from the missionary position.
Submitted by: mike 31,951 views 1.60 = juggernut Star juggernut Star (5 votes)

Double Dirty Finish, the Added: 12/15/2009 Noun  
From the face to face jack hammer position, pull out of cum on her face, staying...
Submitted by: Ed Price 707 views 1.50 = Double Dirty Finish, the Star Double Dirty Finish, the Star (6 votes)

Chinball Wizard Added: 3/29/2003 Noun  
Gay man who enjoys pole smoking.
Submitted by: Egglayer 3,259 views 1.83 = Chinball Wizard Star Chinball Wizard Star (6 votes)

Honey Hole Added: 3/29/2003 Noun  
1: A vagina
Submitted by: Ben Dover 2,425 views 1.50 = Honey Hole Star Honey Hole Star (6 votes)

Disco Pussy Added: 4/4/2003 Noun  
A large Pubic hair region as if it were the 1970's!
Submitted by: CW 3,479 views 1.50 = Disco Pussy Star Disco Pussy Star (6 votes)

Love Loogie Added: 4/22/2003 Noun  
When you spit on a chick's anus, to lube her up for anal play.
Submitted by: Ghost 3,728 views 1.33 = Love Loogie Star (6 votes)

Horn Dogg Added: 5/1/2003 Noun  
A male who has not had sex in a long period of time without even masturbating. T...
Submitted by: Alli 1,931 views 1.50 = Horn Dogg Star Horn Dogg Star (6 votes)

Three Hole Puncher Added: 10/7/2003 Noun  
A woman who takes it in every orifice on a regular basis just like the office to...
Submitted by: Dirk 1,941 views 1.83 = Three Hole Puncher Star Three Hole Puncher Star (6 votes)

Root Beer Float, The Added: 2/11/2004 Noun  
When 2 guys bang a chick, one cums in her mouth (ice cream) the other takes a bi...
Submitted by: Chiv 2,254 views 1.50 = Root Beer Float, The Star Root Beer Float, The Star (6 votes)

Teacher Butt Added: 1/18/2004 Noun  
When a girl has one of those long flat butts, no curve whatsoever. You'll remem...
Submitted by: botan 2,017 views 1.83 = Teacher Butt Star Teacher Butt Star (6 votes)

tilf Added: 1/18/2004 Noun  
teacher i'd like to fuck
Submitted by: chris 1,678 views 1.33 = tilf Star (6 votes)

guniea horn Added: 2/15/2005 Noun  
an abnormally large clit
Submitted by: tits mcgee 31,716 views 1.33 = guniea horn Star (6 votes)

Swab the Deck Added: 7/20/2004 Verb  
Begins with doggie style sex. The guy lifts the lady's legs and lifts them off t...
Submitted by: Master Beta 1,087 views 1.33 = Swab the Deck Star (6 votes)

tomb, a Added: 10/14/2004 Noun  
when a girl has such a giant vagina that you think someone could get lost and di...
Submitted by: thefonz 1,086 views 1.00 = tomb, a Star (6 votes)

Grand Wizard Added: 2/15/2005 Noun  
When you pull out of a girls ass you then stick your dick in her mouth. She beco...
Submitted by: The face 31,499 views 1.50 = Grand Wizard Star Grand Wizard Star (6 votes)

Speed Bagging Added: 6/16/2005 Verb  
A term referring to a woman masturbating using two fingers on her "man in the bo...
Submitted by: Big Dave 31,470 views 1.33 = Speed Bagging Star (6 votes)

throwin the dice Added: 8/27/2005 Noun  
Pumpin a chick so hard in the missionary position that your balls start swinging...
Submitted by: Da Gooch 31,676 views 1.83 = throwin the dice Star throwin the dice Star (6 votes)

Fonzies Added: 11/4/2005 Noun  
Tits that point out to the side when in the horizontal position. Thus replicati...
Submitted by: Ian 31,624 views 1.50 = Fonzies Star Fonzies Star (6 votes)

Cinnamon Roll Added: 11/22/2005 Noun  
after cumming, squeeze the leftovers in a spiral on her buttlhole
Submitted by: cory millikan 31,515 views 1.33 = Cinnamon Roll Star (6 votes)

Philadelphia Frankfurter Added: 3/24/2006 Noun  
When a girl is using a hot-dog to masturbate and it breaks in half, leaving a p...
Submitted by: BFK 31,675 views 1.50 = Philadelphia Frankfurter Star Philadelphia Frankfurter Star (6 votes)

Nipple Pimples Added: 6/1/2006 Noun  
The little bumps around peoples nipples.
Submitted by: V1nny 31,441 views 1.50 = Nipple Pimples Star Nipple Pimples Star (6 votes)

hot pumpkin Added: 10/19/2006 Noun  
when you ass finger a chick outdoors on a cold day and you pull out your finger ...
Submitted by: jason 31,592 views 1.50 = hot pumpkin Star hot pumpkin Star (6 votes)

Spinal Slap Added: 12/16/2006 Noun  
The slapping against the spine of an extremely skinny chic when a large cock hit...
Submitted by: Matthew Sevier 31,586 views 1.50 = Spinal Slap Star Spinal Slap Star (6 votes)

Cunt Darts Added: 12/27/2006 Noun  
Women who like to engage in pleasure by the use of another throwing lawn darts i...
Submitted by: Maxwell 31,424 views 1.67 = Cunt Darts Star Cunt Darts Star (6 votes)

Dick Holster Added: 12/15/2009 Noun  
A girl's mouth.
Submitted by: Lawrence Ramsey 555 views 1.71 = Dick Holster Star Dick Holster Star (7 votes)

Slut Mongrel Added: 11/14/2002 Noun Click to listen to Slut Mongrel
A nasty looking slut.
Submitted by: Eddie 2,995 views 1.43 = Slut Mongrel Star (7 votes)

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Bottom feeder Added: 1/25/2003 Noun  
Someone who fucks ugly chicks.
Submitted by: Melvin 2,591 views 1.86 = Bottom feeder Star Bottom feeder Star (7 votes)

Vulcan, the Added: 3/23/2003 Noun  
Remember Mr. Spock? With either hand make the live long and prosper sign, and in...
Submitted by: AirforceNick 4,751 views 1.57 = Vulcan, the Star Vulcan, the Star (7 votes)

burger shot Added: 4/18/2003 Noun  
A picture of a beaver taken "doggy style" so the protruding clitoris sandwiched ...
Submitted by: Herbie Versmells 2,786 views 1.43 = burger shot Star (7 votes)

Honey Galzed Donut Added: 5/3/2003 Noun  
When you Blow your load all over a females face.
Submitted by: Troy D. 2,930 views 1.57 = Honey Galzed Donut Star Honey Galzed Donut Star (7 votes)

peckersnot Added: 9/17/2003 Noun  
Submitted by: scentless 1,612 views 1.57 = peckersnot Star peckersnot Star (7 votes)

butt jam Added: 10/13/2003 Noun  
The goo removed from your butt cheeks the morning after an extreme anal banging.
Submitted by: Trace-Kelly 1,260 views 1.43 = butt jam Star (7 votes)

After Play Added: 1/9/2004 Noun  
When you done having sex you stay inside the girl and fall asleep inside her.
Submitted by: Lewis 7,068 views 1.43 = After Play Star (7 votes)

slut fork Added: 6/30/2004 Noun  
a Y shaped dildo designed to please 2 orifices at once
Submitted by: tr3flar 1,030 views 1.71 = slut fork Star slut fork Star (7 votes)

crack-a-jack Added: 3/27/2005 Noun  
when a man has is having sex so hard his cock snaps and cracks
Submitted by: John 31,557 views 1.86 = crack-a-jack Star crack-a-jack Star (7 votes)

Bobing Penguin, The Added: 5/3/2005 Verb  
When a a chick is jerking off two guys while giving another one head and taking ...
Submitted by: Dick Tucker 31,444 views 1.86 = Bobing Penguin, The Star Bobing Penguin, The Star (7 votes)

White Chocolate Decadence Added: 5/12/2005 Noun  
When 1 girl sucks/eats the cum out of another girl's ass and gets some fecal mat...
Submitted by: tuna 31,460 views 1.86 = White Chocolate Decadence Star White Chocolate Decadence Star (7 votes)

Bottomless Pool Added: 5/31/2005 Noun  
The men who prefers the passive role in anal intercourse, and like to be gang-ga...
Submitted by: cowboystud 31,537 views 1.43 = Bottomless Pool Star (7 votes)

Detroit Car Wash Added: 5/31/2005 Noun  
That's when you go to an automated car wash at a gas station and convince your g...
Submitted by: M. Kaptain Bluejaye, MKB 31,879 views 1.86 = Detroit Car Wash Star Detroit Car Wash Star (7 votes)

Tadpole Chowder Added: 8/4/2005 Noun  
A wad of semen
Submitted by: Flash 33,444 views 1.43 = Tadpole Chowder Star (7 votes)

bugger Wiper Added: 10/30/2005 Noun  
You are banging a girl up the ass, and then its time to cum. You blow a snot ro...
Submitted by: Dick Chester 31,393 views 1.43 = bugger Wiper Star (7 votes)

Franklin Added: 12/3/2005 Noun  
Ejaculating onto the face or in the mouth of a woman from a length of 6 to 12 in...
Submitted by: Peter Griffin 31,643 views 1.43 = Franklin Star (7 votes)

Lemonade Stand, The Added: 4/18/2006 Noun  
The sexual equivalent of a keg stand except substitute the keg-tap nozzle for a ...
Submitted by: Mr. VanChocStraw 31,448 views 1.57 = Lemonade Stand, The Star Lemonade Stand, The Star (7 votes)

Reverse Birth Added: 1/29/2007 Noun  
when you shove your head in a chick's cunt so it's like reversing the birthing p...
Submitted by: SPOOT 31,970 views 1.57 = Reverse Birth Star Reverse Birth Star (7 votes)

four f's, the Added: 8/11/2007 Noun  
find em, finger em, fuck em forget em.
Submitted by: Nick McCloskey 31,477 views 1.86 = four f's, the Star four f's, the Star (7 votes)

Love Cigar Added: 3/28/2003 Noun  
penis; cock; dick
Submitted by: Jay 2,239 views 1.63 = Love Cigar Star Love Cigar Star (8 votes)

crusty blower Added: 9/2/2003 Noun  
a girl who always has cum on the corners of her mouth, cause she loves to give m...
Submitted by: Regina 1,150 views 1.38 = crusty blower Star (8 votes)

snatch thatch Added: 10/7/2003 Noun  
female pubic hair
Submitted by: Georgia 1,260 views 1.50 = snatch thatch Star snatch thatch Star (8 votes)

Fuck Stick Added: 1/21/2004 Noun  
1. slang term for the male genitalia. 2. a female or male who is used primarily...
Submitted by: Stephen Brindle 1,465 views 1.88 = Fuck Stick Star Fuck Stick Star (8 votes)

Lock Box Added: 2/15/2004 Noun  
A girls vagina that is extremely hard to access, requiring a lot of ass-kissing ...
Submitted by: sLiCk-sHiTz 1,432 views 1.75 = Lock Box Star Lock Box Star (8 votes)

Polish The Pink Pearl Added: 3/4/2004 Verb  
Preliminary definition: "Pink Pearl" (n): The clitoris, also a cleverly named er...
Submitted by: ReidO 1,447 views 1.75 = Polish The Pink Pearl Star Polish The Pink Pearl Star (8 votes)

English Breakfast Added: 6/30/2004 Noun  
Tea bagging while giving a "sunnyside up".
Submitted by: Tall Friends 2,032 views 1.38 = English Breakfast Star (8 votes)

Bonerlicious Added: 7/20/2004 Verb  
Adj. The person or thing is so hot you'd bang it
Submitted by: Shallow69 1,186 views 1.63 = Bonerlicious Star Bonerlicious Star (8 votes)

Martini Added: 9/20/2004 Noun  
When a man inserts his penis and achieves full penetration. After this, he inse...
Submitted by: Dayv 1,415 views 1.63 = Martini Star Martini Star (8 votes)

Double V-card Added: 12/27/2004 Noun  
When you take a woman's virginity then stick your pole in her ass and take her a...
Submitted by: Andrew Downes 1,027 views 1.75 = Double V-card Star Double V-card Star (8 votes)

Stunt Dick Added: 4/6/2005 Noun  
When a guy knows many complicated and unusual sexual postions and does them all...
Submitted by: Dr Dee 31,493 views 1.50 = Stunt Dick Star Stunt Dick Star (8 votes)

three point shot Added: 5/31/2005 Noun  
when you are having genital sex and you pull out before you ejaculate and your s...
Submitted by: star 69 31,364 views 1.38 = three point shot Star (8 votes)

Vincent Van Feces Added: 1/1/2006 Noun  
Pooping on a palette and then painting your shit masterpiece all over someone...
Submitted by: Robert DeMasi 31,716 views 1.50 = Vincent Van Feces Star Vincent Van Feces Star (8 votes)

Oven Ass Added: 2/25/2006 Noun  
An ass that is so hot, you put t.v. dinners and shit in their to get hot.
Submitted by: Scott Hillman 31,310 views 1.50 = Oven Ass Star Oven Ass Star (8 votes)

Double Click The Mouse Added: 9/3/2006 Noun  
The act of female masturbation while at work, especially a profressionl, office ...
Submitted by: EJCummer 31,444 views 1.38 = Double Click The Mouse Star (8 votes)

Chapstick Added: 12/15/2006 Noun  
A slang term for a lubed-up penis.
Submitted by: EJ Cummer 31,438 views 1.63 = Chapstick Star Chapstick Star (8 votes)

Build a Dildo Voltron Added: 11/27/2006 Verb  
Shove a dildo into a girl's butt, vagina, and mouth, and have her hold two more ...
Submitted by: Dick Hurtz 31,402 views 1.75 = Build a Dildo Voltron Star Build a Dildo Voltron Star (8 votes)

love custard Added: 7/3/2007 Noun  
Submitted by: college colors 31,378 views 1.75 = love custard Star love custard Star (8 votes)

flying 69 Added: 3/1/2007 Noun  
when a girl jumps into your arms upside down and sucks your dick and you suck he...
Submitted by: Dirty bean 31,484 views 1.75 = flying 69 Star flying 69 Star (8 votes)

budmud Added: 6/1/2003 Noun  
when you drink too much budweiser and wake up to a hell of a case of the beer sh...
Submitted by: swettyb22 1,564 views 1.67 = budmud Star budmud Star (9 votes)

Tad Dube Added: 6/2/2003 Noun  
When you jizz in a girl's ass, lube a pen up it, and stick a bucket to the end o...
Submitted by: Nano Goodrich 4,577 views 1.67 = Tad Dube Star Tad Dube Star (9 votes)

Mr. Wigley Added: 6/6/2003 Noun  
penis; cock; dick; tube steak; etc.
Submitted by: Gaius Caligula 1,312 views 1.33 = Mr. Wigley Star (9 votes)

Giving the lonely man exercise Added: 6/6/2003 Verb  
Submitted by: badmilk 1,628 views 1.67 = Giving the lonely man exercise Star Giving the lonely man exercise Star (9 votes)

triple word score Added: 6/6/2003 Noun  
When, by simultaneously penetrating all three orifices, you bring a woman to org...
Submitted by: KWurst 1,173 views 1.33 = triple word score Star (9 votes)

wan kin Added: 6/6/2003 Noun  
The ancient chinese art of masturbating.
Submitted by: Sammy 3,677 views 1.33 = wan kin Star (9 votes)

faggot master Added: 6/9/2003 Noun  
1. n a person who is gayer than gay. the homosexual person we all know that thi...
Submitted by: ren 2,853 views 1.67 = faggot master Star faggot master Star (9 votes)

Stench Trench Added: 6/10/2003 Noun  
A foul smelling vagina
Submitted by: Choo 1,223 views 1.67 = Stench Trench Star Stench Trench Star (9 votes)

Dirt Merchant Added: 6/10/2003 Noun  
One who saves previously used rubbers from anal sex...and later compiles a scrap...
Submitted by: Chris 1,833 views 1.67 = Dirt Merchant Star Dirt Merchant Star (9 votes)

pleasently fat ass Added: 6/10/2003 Noun  
When you give anal sex to a fat girl and it is so enjoyable because all her fat...
Submitted by: O.P.P. 1,393 views 1.89 = pleasently fat ass Star pleasently fat ass Star (9 votes)

Sour Patch Kids Added: 6/13/2003 Noun  
Crabs/Scabies in/on/around a very dirty cunt
Submitted by: Chris 1,542 views 1.33 = Sour Patch Kids Star (9 votes)

shitting upstairs Added: 6/13/2003 Noun  
when you shit into the top compartment of the toile ie the cistern
Submitted by: Magmaman 1,251 views 1.33 = shitting upstairs Star (9 votes)

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