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F.B.I. Added: 8/4/2005 Noun  
A Female Body Inspector
Submitted by: Billy D 36,136 views 2.33 = F.B.I. Star F.B.I. Star (24 votes)

F.B.I. ( Fishy Butt Infection ) Added: 5/7/2006 Noun  
When you pop some pussy, then stick it in her ass crack, giving her a nasty smel...
Submitted by: Scott Hillman 36,560 views 1.88 = F.B.I. ( Fishy Butt Infection ) Star F.B.I. ( Fishy Butt Infection ) Star (24 votes)

F.D.A.U. Added: 2/4/2007 Noun  
Face Down Ass Up. When boning a real ugly chick with a great ass you do her F.D...
Submitted by: Tombo 36,619 views 1.54 = F.D.A.U. Star F.D.A.U. Star (28 votes)

F.I.B. Added: 2/21/2004 Noun  
Fucking Illinois Bastard -- anyone from Illinois.
Submitted by: Eddie 11,377 views 2.88 = F.I.B. Star F.I.B. Star F.I.B. Star (8 votes)

F.I.S.H. Added: 11/4/2005 Noun  
Fucking Illinois Shit Head
Submitted by: RJacobs 36,504 views 2.00 = F.I.S.H. Star F.I.S.H. Star (12 votes)

F.U.I Added: 4/28/2007 Noun  
fucking under the influence(of alcohol or drugs)
Submitted by: le thom 36,328 views 3.70 = F.U.I Star F.U.I Star F.U.I Star F.U.I Star (50 votes)

Fabled Crimson Pearl, The Added: 4/13/2005 Noun  
a virgin's erect clit smeared with her own fresh blood; what every red blooded m...
Submitted by: M. Kaptain Bluejaye, MKB 36,398 views 2.62 = Fabled Crimson Pearl, The Star Fabled Crimson Pearl, The Star Fabled Crimson Pearl, The Star (13 votes)

Faboozie Added: 10/19/2006 Noun  
After gay sex, the two men or women commence with spreading their ass cheeks, pr...
Submitted by: RearAdmeralButt 36,923 views 1.60 = Faboozie Star Faboozie Star (15 votes)

Fabric Buster Added: 4/21/2003 Noun  
A loud and forceful fart.
Submitted by: Terd Fergisun 8,314 views 2.13 = Fabric Buster Star Fabric Buster Star (8 votes)

Face Golfing Added: 7/1/2004 Verb  
When you stick your nuts in a girls mouth and swing your cock and slap her forhe...
Submitted by: Josh C 7,737 views 2.62 = Face Golfing Star Face Golfing Star Face Golfing Star (13 votes)

Face Lift Added: 2/4/2007 Noun  
When a girl sits on a guys face when he eats her out, her legs push the face bac...
Submitted by: Kyle! 36,935 views 2.69 = Face Lift Star Face Lift Star Face Lift Star (16 votes)

face paint Added: 3/2/2004 Noun  
when your getting a boring blow job and you need a good laugh you take your dick...
Submitted by: chuck tardugno 7,303 views 1.50 = face paint Star face paint Star (18 votes)

Face plant Added: 12/13/2004 Noun  
Def. 1. when a man plants his face in a womens breasts. Def. 2. when a woman pl...
Submitted by: Kayla Terlosky 7,445 views 2.50 = Face plant Star Face plant Star Face plant Star (14 votes)

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Face Rape Added: 10/5/2003 Noun  
French kissing
Submitted by: Bruce 12,008 views 2.34 = Face Rape Star Face Rape Star (105 votes)

Facebooking Added: 5/22/2010 Verb  
The act of masturbating while monitoring other's Facebook pages.
Submitted by: Big E. 4,986 views 3.37 = Facebooking Star Facebooking Star Facebooking Star (30 votes)

Facepainting Added: 12/15/2009 Noun  
The fine art of masturbating using a photo or screen image as your stimulus, the...
Submitted by: EJ Cummer 4,855 views 3.35 = Facepainting Star Facepainting Star Facepainting Star (23 votes)

facial frosting Added: 8/29/2004 Noun  
when some one shits on ur face and spreads it all around with his dick
Submitted by: meat_tap 6,865 views 3.10 = facial frosting Star facial frosting Star facial frosting Star (10 votes)

Factory Air Added: 4/4/2005 Noun  
Definiton 1: When a chick has a horizontal gap where her inner thighs meet, supp...
Submitted by: noni mous 40,507 views 3.39 = Factory Air Star Factory Air Star Factory Air Star (380 votes)

factory load Added: 5/13/2004 Noun  
When your working in a fake dog shit making plant and you take a deuce on the bo...
Submitted by: Johnny Blaze 6,967 views 1.36 = factory load Star (42 votes)

factory rod Added: 9/20/2004 Noun  
Submitted by: LLfromheLL 7,986 views 3.10 = factory rod Star factory rod Star factory rod Star (10 votes)

fadge nadget Added: 6/10/2004 Noun  
a piece of grit or dirt found in a womans vagina
Submitted by: dan 6,570 views 2.91 = fadge nadget Star fadge nadget Star fadge nadget Star (11 votes)

Fadoink Added: 10/23/2005 Noun  
When you smack a girl in the face with your erect penis.
Submitted by: Chad 36,662 views 3.00 = Fadoink Star Fadoink Star Fadoink Star (10 votes)

FaDunk Added: 1/31/2003 Noun  
Constant slapping of the penis on another person's head.
Submitted by: Russian Mafia 11,233 views 2.42 = FaDunk Star FaDunk Star (12 votes)

FAF Added: 4/11/2005 Noun  
Fit As Fuck
Submitted by: dug 36,340 views 2.50 = FAF Star FAF Star FAF Star (18 votes)

Fag Hag Added: 3/29/2003 Noun  
A straight woman who likes to hang around gays.
Submitted by: Ben Dover 8,277 views 1.54 = Fag Hag Star Fag Hag Star (28 votes)

Showing 1-25 of 682 [ Next 25 >> ]

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