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The World's Largest Sex & Swinger Personals Community

Yabbos Added: 2/4/2007 Noun  
Industrial strength, extra large tits.
Submitted by: Winse 32,944 views 2.25 = Yabbos Star Yabbos Star (12 votes)

Yackum Added: 10/5/2004 Noun  
A shit that slips out of the asshole when you hold onto it for too long; Usuall...
Submitted by: Goon Platoon 3,080 views 1.60 = Yackum Star Yackum Star (5 votes)

yag Added: 7/5/2006 Noun  
the word gay spelt backwords. It is used as a major dis towards someone or somet...
Submitted by: Corey 32,843 views 1.69 = yag Star yag Star (13 votes)

yambag Added: 4/9/2003 Noun  
another name for the testes, or can be used as a descriptive word
Submitted by: urban 32,833 views 2.71 = yambag Star yambag Star yambag Star (14 votes)

Yankee Chili Suprise, The Added: 8/13/2004 Noun  
The act of tricking your boyfriend into thinking that you will do anal, then as ...
Submitted by: Chelsea Howell 3,797 views 2.29 = Yankee Chili Suprise, The Star Yankee Chili Suprise, The Star (7 votes)

Yankee Doodle Added: 2/17/2004 Noun  
Getting a blowjob during the 7th Inning stretch of a baseball game.
Submitted by: Snake 3,631 views 2.25 = Yankee Doodle Star Yankee Doodle Star (12 votes)

Yankee Toss Added: 6/3/2004 Noun  
When a girl is riding you, works best if she is large, and you get sick of it an...
Submitted by: Dominic 3,386 views 1.75 = Yankee Toss Star Yankee Toss Star (8 votes)

Yanker-ette Added: 8/18/2003 Noun  
Girls who are too young and inexpirenced, who exel in giving hand-jobs.
Submitted by: Alexanderoux 3,403 views 2.40 = Yanker-ette Star Yanker-ette Star (15 votes)

Yanky Added: 6/10/2004 Noun  
Same as a quicky, but referred towards masterbation.
Submitted by: A Quiet Nothing 4,149 views 2.64 = Yanky Star Yanky Star Yanky Star (11 votes)

Yard Animal Added: 8/13/2004 Noun  
A huge girl or women that is as tall as she is wide.
Submitted by: Littlejay 2,941 views 1.75 = Yard Animal Star Yard Animal Star (12 votes)

Yard Sausage Added: 10/7/2003 Noun  
Dog shit
Submitted by: Jeff Barnett 3,673 views 1.90 = Yard Sausage Star Yard Sausage Star (10 votes)

Yawning Cyclops Added: 3/4/2009 Noun  
The view of a chick from behind when she is on fours; her bunghole appears as a ...
Submitted by: King of K 1,336 views 1.77 = Yawning Cyclops Star Yawning Cyclops Star (22 votes)

yeast cat Added: 8/27/2005 Noun  
A very "yeasty" dirty pussy. A pussy in wich one has not upkept.
Submitted by: Jimmy 32,673 views 2.50 = yeast cat Star yeast cat Star yeast cat Star (18 votes)

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yeast feast, the Added: 12/15/2006 Noun  
when you eat a girl out who has an untreated yeast infection that spreads outsid...
Submitted by: the poet 32,748 views 3.06 = yeast feast, the Star yeast feast, the Star yeast feast, the Star (16 votes)

Yeasty Cooter Lick Added: 1/31/2005 Noun  
When you go down on a girl who has a Yeast Infection.
Submitted by: Bear 32,751 views 2.38 = Yeasty Cooter Lick Star Yeasty Cooter Lick Star (13 votes)

Yellow Avalanche Added: 1/21/2004 Noun  
When you and five other guys piss down a girl's back, then do her in the ass.
Submitted by: Shamus 3,383 views 2.50 = Yellow Avalanche Star Yellow Avalanche Star Yellow Avalanche Star (20 votes)

Yellow Flushy Added: 2/17/2003 Noun  
Verb- When you take a long piss into a toilet and flush somebody's head in it.
Submitted by: R. Annonymous 5,133 views 1.55 = Yellow Flushy Star Yellow Flushy Star (11 votes)

Yellow Fountain Added: 9/29/2007 Noun  
When you piss your strong yellow stream into someone elses soda can without them...
Submitted by: Rich, Marie 33,072 views 1.86 = Yellow Fountain Star Yellow Fountain Star (7 votes)

yellow nasal fountain Added: 4/27/2005 Noun  
when you piss in a fuckmates mouth then tickle her and cause the piss to spew fr...
Submitted by: travis 32,805 views 1.69 = yellow nasal fountain Star yellow nasal fountain Star (13 votes)

Yellow Ocean Breeze Added: 2/26/2009 Noun  
A variation of the Ocean Breeze but with the addition another person pissing int...
Submitted by: khoi Dinh 1,221 views 1.46 = Yellow Ocean Breeze Star (13 votes)

yellow tail Added: 1/15/2006 Noun  
When a girl is peeing and gives a guy a blow job at the same time.
Submitted by: Don 32,717 views 2.00 = yellow tail Star yellow tail Star (12 votes)

Yo Yo Added: 8/11/2007 Noun  
Jumping off a high area and your balls stretch down and smack your gooch.
Submitted by: UCaneFan 32,776 views 2.25 = Yo Yo Star Yo Yo Star (12 votes)

Yo Yo Smuggler Added: 11/4/2005 Noun  
Another word for "Camel Toe". Camel Toe being the Vagina Wedggie!
Submitted by: Adam 32,830 views 1.50 = Yo Yo Smuggler Star Yo Yo Smuggler Star (12 votes)

yoche Added: 8/13/2004 Noun  
the area between your asshole and your nutsack
Submitted by: SmellyTit 2,902 views 2.06 = yoche Star yoche Star (17 votes)

Yoda Whore Added: 7/24/2004 Noun  
Young good looking slut who will fuck a moldy cheese dicked wrinkled disgusting ...
Submitted by: Dr. Will Fister P.H.D. 3,507 views 3.10 = Yoda Whore Star Yoda Whore Star Yoda Whore Star (10 votes)

Showing 1-25 of 35 [ Last 10 >> ]

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