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Dictionary Search 686 words matched the letter "M"

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Do you like Big Boobs? These hefty's are looking for you.

M.F.C.S. Added: 3/27/2007 Noun  
Multiple Facial Cock Slaps
Submitted by: Bryan 36,008 views 1.69 = M.F.C.S. Star M.F.C.S. Star (13 votes)

M.I.L.E. Added: 2/23/2006 Noun  
Mom I'd like to eat
Submitted by: Scott Hillman 35,571 views 2.50 = M.I.L.E. Star M.I.L.E. Star M.I.L.E. Star (14 votes)

M.J. , The Added: 3/4/2009 Noun  
The M.J. is where you are concentrating so hard on not blowing your load, not re...
Submitted by: Dirk yager 4,549 views 1.77 = M.J. , The Star M.J. , The Star (13 votes)

M.M.F. (Mental Masturbation File) Added: 8/4/2004 Noun  
When you see a smokin' hot babe you save her in your Mental Masturbation File an...
Submitted by: Davidius 6,750 views 1.56 = M.M.F. (Mental Masturbation File) Star M.M.F. (Mental Masturbation File) Star (16 votes)

M.P.D. (Mechanical Pencil Dump) Added: 8/11/2007 Noun  
A fecal episode in which every toilet paper wipe seems like the first wipe. Ofte...
Submitted by: snake pliskin 35,674 views 2.55 = M.P.D. (Mechanical Pencil Dump) Star M.P.D. (Mechanical Pencil Dump) Star M.P.D. (Mechanical Pencil Dump) Star (11 votes)

M.T.E. Added: 11/25/2005 Noun  
1. Abbr., "Miserable Toilet Experience". Best used in mixed company, or at a co...
Submitted by: Plow man 35,616 views 2.15 = M.T.E. Star M.T.E. Star (13 votes)

Macbeth Added: 1/31/2007 Noun  
When trying to take a shit, if nothing comes out but gas, you have instead taken...
Submitted by: prolet 36,587 views 2.13 = Macbeth Star Macbeth Star (8 votes)

Mach Fourteen Added: 11/27/2006 Noun  
The speed at which you and your wive cover up when your child walks in while you...
Submitted by: Beaver Brothers 35,852 views 2.06 = Mach Fourteen Star Mach Fourteen Star (17 votes)

macho nacho Added: 3/23/2003 Noun  
Eating out a girl after puttin nacho cheese on it.
Submitted by: Dusty Midkiff 8,877 views 2.50 = macho nacho Star macho nacho Star macho nacho Star (8 votes)

Mad Dog Added: 3/4/2004 Noun  
When your friend is passed out you go up to them with a wet hot dog and rub it o...
Submitted by: WENIS 7,682 views 2.00 = Mad Dog Star Mad Dog Star (9 votes)

Mad Hampster Disease Added: 5/24/2003 Noun  
Disease where you constantly have the need to stuff hampsters up your asshole.
Submitted by: Jason Peluchette 7,887 views 2.67 = Mad Hampster Disease Star Mad Hampster Disease Star Mad Hampster Disease Star (9 votes)

Mad Poo Dash,The Added: 7/5/2006 Noun  
When you get to your destination after a long road trip and as soon your feet hi...
Submitted by: Bacon Lord 35,752 views 2.88 = Mad Poo Dash,The Star Mad Poo Dash,The Star Mad Poo Dash,The Star (8 votes)

Mad Rooter Added: 6/13/2003 Noun  
a male always looking for sex and not always getting it
Submitted by: Smitty 7,199 views 2.75 = Mad Rooter Star Mad Rooter Star Mad Rooter Star (12 votes)

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Mad Shitter, The Added: 10/9/2004 Noun  
A term or title ususlly given to oneself or an acquaintance, applied when said i...
Submitted by: Stu Pidasso 5,977 views 3.27 = Mad Shitter, The Star Mad Shitter, The Star Mad Shitter, The Star (11 votes)

Mad Spider Added: 3/31/2005 Noun  
Slang term for a womens virgin ass hole
Submitted by: Kevin Kowalski 38,726 views 2.60 = Mad Spider Star Mad Spider Star Mad Spider Star (15 votes)

Madagascar Mustard Gas Added: 1/31/2005 Noun  
The farts created from a night of drinking after visiting an all-you-can-eat sea...
Submitted by: Randell Presley 35,839 views 2.64 = Madagascar Mustard Gas Star Madagascar Mustard Gas Star Madagascar Mustard Gas Star (11 votes)

Mafush Added: 7/28/2006 Noun  
Acronym - MAssive FUcking SHit
Submitted by: Commode Poet 35,794 views 2.80 = Mafush Star Mafush Star Mafush Star (10 votes)

Magic Carpet Added: 11/22/2004 Noun  
1. When a previously disposed of piece of toilet paper has not been flushed and...
Submitted by: Kerry 6,561 views 1.90 = Magic Carpet Star Magic Carpet Star (10 votes)

Magic Dressing Added: 2/26/2009 Noun  
you pump relish, mustard and ketchup into a girls asshole, and put a sausage rig...
Submitted by: Marta 4,221 views 2.80 = Magic Dressing Star Magic Dressing Star Magic Dressing Star (10 votes)

Magic Marker Added: 9/23/2005 Noun  
When a highly pigmented turd draws dark lines around the toilet on its way down ...
Submitted by: Tippy 35,495 views 2.36 = Magic Marker Star Magic Marker Star (11 votes)

Magic oral creampie Added: 8/4/2005 Noun  
In a porno, when the girl spits "cum" out even though it never went near her mou...
Submitted by: Kain Thornn 36,191 views 1.38 = Magic oral creampie Star (16 votes)

Magic Trick Added: 7/31/2004 Noun  
While doing it doggie style pull out and spit on your lady's back, when she turn...
Submitted by: Pyro 6,712 views 2.04 = Magic Trick Star Magic Trick Star (23 votes)

Magical Mangina Added: 2/3/2003 Noun  
The penis of a man who thinks he has it all when it comes to sex and believes al...
Submitted by: Desiree 9,511 views 2.25 = Magical Mangina Star Magical Mangina Star (12 votes)

magician, the Added: 12/15/2006 Noun  
when a guy is having sex with a girl from behind and she is facing a window, the...
Submitted by: dom lafurno 36,043 views 1.60 = magician, the Star magician, the Star (10 votes)

Magilla Added: 12/3/2005 Noun  
An completely unshaven pubic region. Based on the 60's cartoon character Magill...
Submitted by: Peter Griffin 36,005 views 3.10 = Magilla Star Magilla Star Magilla Star (10 votes)

Showing 1-25 of 686 [ Next 25 >> ]

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