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Ass Wine Added: 1/17/2005 Noun  
When you blow in a girl's ass, then she farts it out into a glass, then she drin...
Submitted by: Weirton 33,250 views 3.10 = Ass Wine Star Ass Wine Star Ass Wine Star (10 votes)

Bread Basket Added: 7/7/2004 Noun  
Tucking your nads and unit under your butt crack, turning around and bending ove...
Submitted by: Weirton 3,069 views 3.79 = Bread Basket Star Bread Basket Star Bread Basket Star Bread Basket Star (98 votes)

Brusing Added: 2/24/2005 Noun  
Smudge marks left in the toilet from a turd that fell in with good velocity.
Submitted by: Weirton 33,032 views 4.00 = Brusing Star Brusing Star Brusing Star Brusing Star (1 vote)

Butt Pee Added: 7/11/2004 Noun  
Submitted by: Weirton 2,694 views 4.00 = Butt Pee Star Butt Pee Star Butt Pee Star Butt Pee Star (2 votes)

Dirty Nurse Added: 8/9/2004 Noun  
Putting a rubber glove on before sticking your finger up someone's butt.
Submitted by: Weirton 3,274 views 3.33 = Dirty Nurse Star Dirty Nurse Star Dirty Nurse Star (9 votes)

Flanker Added: 10/29/2004 Noun  
To shoot a snot rocket into your girlfriend's butt hole.
Submitted by: Weirton 2,782 views 3.18 = Flanker Star Flanker Star Flanker Star (11 votes)

Grundel Mullet Added: 5/31/2005 Noun  
Short hair on the bottm of your balls and long hair in your butt crack.
Submitted by: Weirton 33,450 views 2.00 = Grundel Mullet Star Grundel Mullet Star (9 votes)

Hitch Hiker Added: 9/23/2004 Noun  
When you stick your thumb up your butt because you have to shit so bad.
Submitted by: Weirton 2,954 views 1.00 = Hitch Hiker Star (1 vote)

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P.A.D.S. Added: 8/13/2004 Noun  
Pissing Anxiety Disorder (a funny knock on SIDS or SARS). Stagefrieght.
Submitted by: Weirton 7,268 views 2.00 = P.A.D.S. Star P.A.D.S. Star (6 votes)

Pee Ring Added: 3/31/2005 Noun  
The dirty ring that forms around the toilet water from pee not being flushed.
Submitted by: Weirton 33,182 views  

Ring Around the Butthole Added: 8/4/2004 Noun  
When you eat something spicy and then fart. The fart is spicy, causing a burn ar...
Submitted by: Weirton 2,780 views 2.00 = Ring Around the Butthole Star Ring Around the Butthole Star (2 votes)

S.A.D.S. Added: 8/13/2004 Noun  
Shitting Anxiety Disorder (a funny knock on SIDS or SARS).
Submitted by: Weirton 6,817 views 2.75 = S.A.D.S. Star S.A.D.S. Star S.A.D.S. Star (12 votes)

Snoof Added: 4/27/2005 Noun  
When a person sneezes and accidentally craps their pants.
Submitted by: Weirton 33,080 views 2.50 = Snoof Star Snoof Star Snoof Star (2 votes)

Stage Freight Added: 8/29/2004 Noun  
Not being able to piss because other guys are too close to you in the baffroom.
Submitted by: Weirton 3,030 views 2.09 = Stage Freight Star Stage Freight Star (22 votes)

Trumpet Butt Added: 5/3/2005 Noun  
When a person can fart different notes with their butthole.
Submitted by: Weirton 32,961 views 4.00 = Trumpet Butt Star Trumpet Butt Star Trumpet Butt Star Trumpet Butt Star (1 vote)

Wipeless Turd Added: 7/21/2005 Adjective  
A turd that comes out so clean that you don't need to wipe.
Submitted by: Weirton 33,148 views 2.25 = Wipeless Turd Star Wipeless Turd Star (12 votes)

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