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Oil City Eye-Opener Added: 9/13/2003 Noun  
For fun, sticking one (or both) testicles out of an open fly, then walking aroun...
Submitted by: Josh 7,972 views 2.50 = Oil City Eye-Opener Star Oil City Eye-Opener Star Oil City Eye-Opener Star (10 votes)

Penis Aerosol Added: 9/15/2003 Noun  
When one's balls are so utterly drained, that upon orgasm all you can manage to ...
Submitted by: Josh 3,528 views 1.13 = Penis Aerosol Star (30 votes)

General Tso's Revenge Added: 9/15/2003 Noun  
The foolish mistake of following a Chinese buffet with plenty of cheap beer, res...
Submitted by: Josh 4,176 views 1.00 = General Tso's Revenge Star (1 vote)

Rocky, The Added: 9/15/2003 Noun  
When taking an exceptionally excited woman from behind, and the sound of your ba...
Submitted by: Josh 3,608 views 1.56 = Rocky, The Star Rocky, The Star (59 votes)

Potty buster Added: 10/1/2003 Noun  
Process in which you poop so hard that it sprays and leaks through the spaces be...
Submitted by: josh 3,124 views 1.67 = Potty buster Star Potty buster Star (3 votes)

dick Seat Added: 10/1/2003 Noun  
Womans personal version of a toilet seat with an apparatus attached to it.
Submitted by: josh 3,188 views 1.50 = dick Seat Star dick Seat Star (2 votes)

Meff Added: 10/19/2003 Noun  
This is when you either: a. Fart in your mouth and then blow it into someone's ...
Submitted by: Josh 3,204 views 2.95 = Meff Star Meff Star Meff Star (20 votes)

New Jersey Meathook, The Added: 12/19/2003 Noun  
While doing a chick doggie-style, you stick your index finger in her ass, and ro...
Submitted by: Josh 13,371 views 2.17 = New Jersey Meathook, The Star New Jersey Meathook, The Star (18 votes)

cum enima Added: 1/29/2004 Noun  
when a guy blasts a load in a chicks ass
Submitted by: Josh 3,915 views 1.33 = cum enima Star (18 votes)

Surprise Party Added: 2/21/2004 Noun  
when your having sex with a girl on her birthday and all her friends jump out an...
Submitted by: Josh 2,992 views 3.09 = Surprise Party Star Surprise Party Star Surprise Party Star (23 votes)

quilp Added: 3/9/2004 Noun  
someone who sniffs dirty jock straps
Submitted by: Josh 4,129 views 2.00 = quilp Star quilp Star (3 votes)

Messy Shishkabob Added: 7/7/2004 Noun  
When the girl shits on your dick and then you rail her hard core in the pussy po...
Submitted by: Josh 3,242 views 3.00 = Messy Shishkabob Star Messy Shishkabob Star Messy Shishkabob Star (1 vote)

Whisker Mitten Added: 7/11/2004 Noun  
Fully sticking your hand in a woman's hairy vagina.
Submitted by: Josh 3,525 views 1.08 = Whisker Mitten Star (61 votes)

rope Added: 8/13/2004 Noun  
The male ejaculate.
Submitted by: Josh 3,457 views 3.74 = rope Star rope Star rope Star rope Star (104 votes)

stinky-pinky Added: 8/3/2006 Noun  
The official medical term for what your smallest digit contracts after correctly...
Submitted by: josh 33,687 views 2.50 = stinky-pinky Star stinky-pinky Star stinky-pinky Star (2 votes)

Sperm Snooter Added: 8/19/2006 Noun  
The act of ejaculating on the floor and having your girlfriend snort it up her n...
Submitted by: Josh 33,195 views 1.67 = Sperm Snooter Star Sperm Snooter Star (9 votes)

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Snow Dragon Added: 8/19/2006 Noun  
The act of ejaculating in a girl's mouth, making her swallow it and then punchin...
Submitted by: Josh 33,207 views 1.00 = Snow Dragon Star (2 votes)

Dirty Steve, The Added: 8/19/2006 Noun  
The act of pooping on someone's head, affectionately named for the man who enjoy...
Submitted by: josh 33,442 views 2.50 = Dirty Steve, The Star Dirty Steve, The Star Dirty Steve, The Star (2 votes)

trick oust Added: 12/15/2006 Noun  
when your eating out a girl and she quiefs in your mouth and laughs like its a j...
Submitted by: josh 33,213 views 1.00 = trick oust Star (1 vote)

Southampton Squeaky Dolphin Added: 1/12/2005 Noun  
When yoou are having sex in the ocean from the doggystyle position and you quick...
Submitted by: josh 33,234 views 2.50 = Southampton Squeaky Dolphin Star Southampton Squeaky Dolphin Star Southampton Squeaky Dolphin Star (2 votes)

Turtle neck Added: 2/15/2005 Noun  
This is when your poo moves in and out of your anus trying to escape.
Submitted by: Josh 33,208 views 1.00 = Turtle neck Star (2 votes)

Clam Dam Added: 2/26/2009 Noun  
The feminized version of the cock block.
Submitted by: Josh 2,500 views 4.00 = Clam Dam Star Clam Dam Star Clam Dam Star Clam Dam Star (1 vote)

One-eyed Turkey Added: 3/18/2005 Noun  
The asshole, anus
Submitted by: Josh 33,424 views 2.50 = One-eyed Turkey Star One-eyed Turkey Star One-eyed Turkey Star (8 votes)

nut nibbles Added: 4/14/2009 Noun  
when a girl is suckin your nuts and she gives em a quik nibble
Submitted by: josh 2,299 views 2.13 = nut nibbles Star nut nibbles Star (8 votes)

cock-juggling thundercunt Added: 9/8/2005 Noun  
A permiscous woman who cheats on her partner.
Submitted by: Josh 33,669 views  

atomic pancake Added: 8/9/2009 Noun  
when a guy takes a dump on another mans penis and eats it
Submitted by: Josh 2,268 views 2.00 = atomic pancake Star atomic pancake Star (1 vote)

assberg Added: 10/4/2005 Noun  
When you have to take a monstrous crap but you don't have anywhere to go and jus...
Submitted by: Josh 33,869 views 2.50 = assberg Star assberg Star assberg Star (4 votes)

Brown Crayon Added: 11/22/2005 Noun  
Do a chick in the but then pull out and sign your name on her back.
Submitted by: Josh 33,426 views 1.23 = Brown Crayon Star (13 votes)

Space Docking Added: 11/22/2005 Noun  
When someone lines his ass hole up with a girls vagina and poops in it.
Submitted by: Josh 33,343 views 2.67 = Space Docking Star Space Docking Star Space Docking Star (12 votes)

Tongue punch Added: 6/26/2010 Noun  
A male using his tongue to penetrate any orifice on a woman.
Submitted by: Josh 4,261 views 3.00 = Tongue punch Star Tongue punch Star Tongue punch Star (13 votes)

purple smoker Added: 3/14/2003 Verb  
smoking the cock;giving head in other words
Submitted by: josh 5,210 views 2.93 = purple smoker Star purple smoker Star purple smoker Star (27 votes)

moonraper Added: 3/14/2003 Verb  
when you screw someone in there ass.
Submitted by: josh 3,870 views 2.50 = moonraper Star moonraper Star moonraper Star (10 votes)

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