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By Mario from pgglAYlBjXWBUTKqgqH Comment posted: 1/8/2013
A million thanks for posting this inoframtion.   Reply

By Rajath from TNbBCzokxKlkqbJ Comment posted: 1/6/2013
Many many qaluity points there.   Reply

By BertieorBirdie from sWrKLydfytzVja Comment posted: 1/6/2013
That's what we've all been waiting for! Great posntig!   Reply

By Lorenzo from viECyTKHmzC Comment posted: 1/5/2013
I might be beiatng a dead horse, but thank you for posting this!   Reply

By Hamza from GMTufABgwZqZRUQQB Comment posted: 1/5/2013
If you want to get read, this is how you suohld write.   Reply

By Pirate from Sea of the Sickened. Comment posted: 2/8/2006
Perhaps even "Bukake Barbie".   Reply

By Joe Namath Comment posted: 12/26/2005
For the Jets fans out there...How about an ambushed Pennington?   Reply

By John Biner Comment posted: 12/23/2005
This is SO "Dave" that it is actually "Bob"... do the math.   Reply

By grizzly from cave on the left Comment posted: 12/19/2005
You will be gnawed to death for this crime against bearkind.   Reply

By Unknown Comment posted: 12/19/2005
defiling stuffed animals is a sport all it's own.   Reply

By Dr. Unknown from Unknown central Comment posted: 12/14/2005
I am going to give you ALL an Ambushed Paddington! Bwahahahhaha!   Reply

By Unknown from US Comment posted: 10/27/2005
She probably humps it!   Reply

By Unknown Comment posted: 10/11/2005
Do you suppose Joan cuddles up with her well-used Ambushed Paddington when she goes to sleep?   Reply

By Rub my belly from senorFrogs w/ Cheryl Comment posted: 1/20/2005
Fuckn great word. Dude, you should buy the domain name and post pics for the ambushers to show their artistry.   Reply

By Lyle Comment posted: 10/16/2004
Is there really a need to have this damn word at the top again? Fuck, let it die for crying out loud!   Reply

By tim findlay from danesmoor Comment posted: 10/13/2004
im a gay would u like 2 date me big guy. i like anal sex, pleaz will u felch! i have he straws ready!   Reply

By Rob Comment posted: 10/7/2004
Funny-ass shit!   Reply

By Roundabout Comment posted: 7/20/2004
Dave Bigras is a piss gargler.   Reply

By Paula Comment posted: 6/19/2004
Poor Paddington. If that was my teddy i would get you to lick your fuckin spud juice off him   Reply

By Chazz Comment posted: 5/8/2004
good word...but your still an asshole   Reply

By tito Comment posted: 5/7/2004
This is the funniest one Ive read in a while.   Reply

Do you like Big Boobs? These hefty's are looking for you.

By Gordon Comment posted: 3/16/2004
This word has been around too long now, it's time to move along.   Reply

By Steve from Assclownville Comment posted: 3/1/2004
After our Mardi Gras anal session; Feak Boy had to go to the bathroom to wipe the shum off his 2 inch cock after shooting their rockets up my ass. It gave me a real colon C section. I love to get a broomstick shoved up my gaping stink hole if anyone is willing.   Reply

By Freak Boy Comment posted: 2/21/2004
Your a fucking cock sucker dick for brains piece of shit useless mutherfuckin no good ass bandit queer bait loser. Eat me you faggot, if you leave another stupid fuckin comment on someones word, I'll track you down, find out where you live and shove your whole fuckin computer up your ass you useless waste of sperm.   Reply

By TAZ51 Comment posted: 2/18/2004
One of my faves! Simple and funny as hell. Just one question..what the HELL did Paddington do to you? Oh hell, he probobly would like it!   Reply

By Steve the assclown Comment posted: 2/14/2004
After our Valentine's day all day anal session; Scott, Gary and Nick had to go to the bathroom to wipe the shum off their cocks after shooting their rockets up my ass. It gave me a real colon C section. Hee Hee.   Reply

By Stevie Comment posted: 2/11/2004
This is worse than one of ColinC's words. Go fuck yourself colinC. zero stars.   Reply

By Earl Stuckinsider Comment posted: 2/3/2004
excellent entry. What this site is all about..original, whitty...and the author doesn't need to vote his own word up.   Reply

By Gargamel Comment posted: 1/16/2004
Jesus christ hannibal! Do you by chance have a word for that treatment?   Reply

By Hannibal from Prince Albert, SA Comment posted: 1/15/2004
What a fuckin stupid term! I'd like to fuck the author of this word up the ass, then tie him up with picture wire, spread honey on his corney, and let the bees go to town and build a hive in this fuckass' poop-shute!   Reply

By Gordon Comment posted: 1/6/2004
Mildly funny.   Reply

By Ernie Scar from Brocket Comment posted: 12/21/2003
Gay word. If ya smack on the bitches stuffy, you call it collateral damage, not an ambushed padinton, fuck, everyone knows that!   Reply

By Dale Comment posted: 12/11/2003
Daawwg shiiit!   Reply

By Bill The Cat from San Diego Comment posted: 12/9/2003
This word blows, plain and simple.   Reply

By Milo's daddy Comment posted: 11/15/2003
I want to ambush Milo.   Reply

By panblanco from Sesemee Street Comment posted: 11/14/2003
I ambushed Elmo once! I'm going for big bird next.   Reply

By Milo Comment posted: 11/14/2003
I dunno, but this one is just plain old DUMB! *YAAWWWN*   Reply

By Unknown Comment posted: 10/23/2003
I did this to my wife.   Reply

By Pigment from Melody's Comment posted: 10/17/2003
Would it change the name if you nailed her cat?   Reply

By Masta Funk from Florida Comment posted: 10/6/2003
So fucking hilarious!   Reply

By Jack Burton from GA Comment posted: 9/26/2003
That's the funniest shit I've ever read. I ambushed a stuffed dog before. Well actually it was just a wild shot.   Reply

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