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We'll here is another episode of AskTurdwords. I am in a hurry and want to answer a bunch of your questions as soon as possible. So without further ado, here's your questions:

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Is it unhealthy to drink someone else's urine?
Mike, Carefree AZ
In short, no. Urine is made up of salt, urea, and excess water. Guess what sweat is made of? Just about the same chemical composition. I wouldn't call it healthy, but whatever floats your boat.

I can't think of too many reasons why you'd want to drink your piss, but I suppose one would be that if you were driving along the freeway and had a case of the Knock Stops and you were in girlfriend's caddy with her dad driving. Then maybe it would be okay (to hide the evidence, that is), otherwise I'd recommend getting a Grumbling Thomas

Your not gonna have me arrestted are you?
Why would I want to do that? You sort of remind me of the last time I did a ghost shit -- no evidence, no crime.

My friends and I are disagreeing about what the term "Whiskey Dick" means. I say it means when a guy drinks too much and can't get it up. What do you call it when a guy can get it up but can't ejaculate?
Melissa, CA
Here's the official definition of whiskey dick.

A guy who can get it up, but can't cum probably has a slightly different version of whiskey dick, perhaps akin to an achy smurf.

Off the top of my head, I can't think of a word for that, but if your man has whiskey dick, I know someone who can help you out...

Do you give an award for the word submissions? Maybe some form of the PITT Award.
Gerald - glsughroue@*.net
Not really. We should though. There are so many good ones. We recommend you use the Top 100 words link.

What would you call it when a girl comes over and dry humps you on the rag and leaves blood all over you, also your name is billy.
Colby from Texas
Billy the Patriotic Smurf -- red for the blood, blue because you got blue balls, and white because as soon as the chick leaves you are going to have to Punch the clown

please need the definition of mexican word "essie" not sure of spelling
tunes dayton ohio
Not really a turdword, but I know what you mean. I think it means, loosely, "cousin" or "bro". I was pretty much trashed during my high school Spanish days.

have suggestion for this website: you need to create a member log in area. I am tired of all the unoriginal bastards using my name when posting comments or words. I also would approve of you banning ColinC from this site.
Unorginal Bastard
Yeah, I know. We are researching it.

That's about it. I know I wasn't that creative, but I just want to head out. Now I can leave the hallowed halls of Turdwords and do a vacation. Maybe I'll post a picture or two if I do anything that would interest you.

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