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Wow, I just checked in with the site and realized I had a LOT of fan mail that I needed to answer. Holy poo!

Speaking of which, my favorite word of late is poo! Nothing fancy, no, butt chocolate, no ooze slop, and nothing like shit. I just enjoy poo -- it's friendly enough that I can use just about anywhere without risk of getting my mouth washed out with soap.

So there's my tribute to the word, "Poop". Use it proudly.

Visit the Fun Page for more goodies or feel free to drop me and RJ a Question.

So on with this week's load of questions:

ok, what the hell is spooning?
LittleBopeep, California
What rock have you been hiding under. Spooning is a publicly polite word that means to cuddle after sex -- the exact position is a bit like this: your lover lays down, with her knees to her midsection with your behind them. If you are lucky you could do a little buttonholing.

Spooning is too tame to make it to turdwords and if you are a man, chances are you don't do any spooning; you are too busy watching ESPN or asleep after sex. My question is, what would spooning be called, if you could do something like it, after performing a yanky?

what's a solo sanchez?
melissa sanchez
Of course, everyone knows what a Dirty Sanchez, but I didn't find an official definition of a solo sanchez, Melissa. My guess is that a solo sanchez is the act of sticking one's finger, penis, or other object into their own Dirty Cherry and wiping it under their nose, ala a self-imposed Dirty Hitler.

who has the big stinky ass
i have the stinkest ass
submitted by the same person, 3 questions
brooke flordia
If you have the stinkiest ass in the word, chances encounted an Infinity Wipe. Congratulations! Be sure to drop me a line and let me know what it's like. As far as the biggest tits in the world, that'd probably be you (and you probably have the biggest Flesh Pipe as well.

Next idiot!

what is a hot lunch?
lou lou
Hot Lunch -- not to be confused with a Sloppy Brunch.

Now Mr. Dumber writes...

Kids returning home from America who used theat kind of language thinking their ability to write and talk sh*t amazes anyone in China. We have a 7000 years old turd pool culture for veggie!
turd pool language
Welcome to Turdwords, Jerkface. Maybe if more people knew the definition of Frisco Fruit Loop there'd be less of a population problem over there, no?

Now Mr. Dumbest Writes....

a squeezed fart you try hard and just a little sound
poo poo man
Cute... I like your name. Try not to hit send next time before finishing your thought.

what is it called again when a girl is sucking you off and then you punch her in the nose so she has a bloddy nose combined with the cum?
chris, glenolden
Sheesh, I've probably seen this one defined in a thousand ways that 90% of the time I just delete it. Here's some of the words that I know of: Strawberry Shortcake
Cherry Danish
Jelly Donut
Strawberry Daquiri

Hopefully, you get the picture... The question I ask, is why would you punch a chick after getting a mic check?

Do you know any hot girls? I really need a good sweaty stinkface. Thanx.
What's so attractive about a stink face, sean? Poop, why not find a fuckapotamus and give her a creampie or even a hot toddy?

But yeah, I know a hot chick or two and here's the sexy message she sent me (500K) (Message), maybe she'll do you! (Ladies, send me your wav file and I'll add it!)

what is a butt plug
jack san diego
Check out: butt plug or check out what people usually stick up their asses to plug it up at this site.

Why have some of my classic entries like Womfa and Beanflicker been removed? I find this especially perplexing as uncreative garbage like Cumdumpster remains on the site.
C Mac, Vancouver
How come I keep submitting excellent words, and you fucks don't add them to the list? Meanwhile, you keep posting the same old drivel? Is your taste really that far up your ass?
Suck me raw, bitch
Give me atleast a week to validate the words guys. Nextly, the usual applies: poor spelling, violent words, or poop we've seen before gets deleted. Don't take it personally, you just suck (poop).

I was wondering if you have ever heard of a steaming harley and if so , what is it?
Joe M of Michigan
Sure, here is the definition of a steaming harley. I am not sure how the harley comes into play, is it done on a motorcycle or is there some chick named Harley that was into receiving these things?

Enough poop for now. In fact, I have to take a poop so bad that I have sewer ass. So keep on submitting your Poopy Questions and we'll see ya next week.

Your poop happy editor...


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