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Do you like Big Boobs? These hefty's are looking for you.

42 Stories of Doom Added: 5/31/2005 Noun  
when you drop a super stinky gas bomb in an express elevator. the next occupant...
Submitted by: rich 33,734 views 3.55 = 42 Stories of Doom Star 42 Stories of Doom Star 42 Stories of Doom Star 42 Stories of Doom Star (20 votes)

Arctic Blast, The Added: 2/27/2004 Noun  
When you're banging some skanky restaurant chick in a walk in freezer, you pull ...
Submitted by: rich 6,242 views 1.90 = Arctic Blast, The Star Arctic Blast, The Star (10 votes)

arm yarn Added: 2/21/2004 Noun  
When a chick has really hairy arms. the kind of hair that's long enough to be b...
Submitted by: rich 4,689 views 1.40 = arm yarn Star (15 votes)

Bagpiping Added: 2/5/2003 Verb  
Lubing up a partners armpit and fucking it.
Submitted by: Rich 9,368 views 3.23 = Bagpiping Star Bagpiping Star Bagpiping Star (179 votes)

Blizzard, The Added: 1/29/2004 Noun  
Ejaculating on your partners upper lip then proceeding to throw tiny candies of ...
Submitted by: Rich 3,613 views 2.50 = Blizzard, The Star Blizzard, The Star Blizzard, The Star (2 votes)

boston baked bean Added: 1/15/2004 Noun  
upon finishing banging a chick in the ass you pull out to find the casing of a b...
Submitted by: rich 3,404 views 2.33 = boston baked bean Star boston baked bean Star (3 votes)

Candid Camera Added: 1/15/2004 Noun  
When your girlfriend farts in your face and you watch as her spinchter expands a...
Submitted by: rich 3,853 views 1.90 = Candid Camera Star Candid Camera Star (10 votes)

canoli cock Added: 1/15/2004 Noun  
an uncircumcised penis.
Submitted by: rich 3,922 views 2.00 = canoli cock Star canoli cock Star (3 votes)

Cherynobyl Ass Added: 3/12/2004 Noun  
When you drop the kind of fart that could literally kill thousands of people and...
Submitted by: rich 3,293 views 3.00 = Cherynobyl Ass Star Cherynobyl Ass Star Cherynobyl Ass Star (3 votes)

Chunky Borrio Added: 1/9/2005 Noun  
When yourfucking someone in the ass while they are taking a shit.
Submitted by: Rich 33,615 views 3.25 = Chunky Borrio Star Chunky Borrio Star Chunky Borrio Star (16 votes)

clutch,the Added: 11/4/2007 Noun  
when you shit yourself at a bar and stick your shitty boxers under the bathroom ...
Submitted by: rich 33,226 views 1.90 = clutch,the Star clutch,the Star (10 votes)

deep cleansing pore treatment Added: 1/14/2004 Noun  
when you bukake all over your girlfriend's face and she falls asleep before whip...
Submitted by: rich 4,312 views 1.31 = deep cleansing pore treatment Star (13 votes)

Dueling Colons Added: 3/4/2004 Verb  
When two guys are in a small room together. They each take turns farting until ...
Submitted by: Rich 3,134 views 1.13 = Dueling Colons Star (24 votes)

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Gambling and Losing Added: 2/21/2004 Verb  
When you try really hard to push a loud, funny fart out but you piss your pants ...
Submitted by: Rich 7,139 views 2.46 = Gambling and Losing Star Gambling and Losing Star (101 votes)

Golden Granny, A Added: 7/11/2004 Noun  
When you fuck your Grandma in the ass so hard that she pees all over herself.
Submitted by: Rich 3,553 views 3.25 = Golden Granny, A Star Golden Granny, A Star Golden Granny, A Star (8 votes)

Greasy Spitoon Added: 12/27/2004 Noun  
When a female is giving a male head, she then spits the cum into the guys asshol...
Submitted by: Rich 2,975 views 2.00 = Greasy Spitoon Star Greasy Spitoon Star (3 votes)

Hot Chuck Wagon Added: 1/15/2004 Noun  
When you take a shit on your neighbors' floor and their dog comes up and gobbles...
Submitted by: rich 4,032 views 1.00 = Hot Chuck Wagon Star (1 vote)

Howling Goucho, A Added: 4/13/2004 Noun  
When a girl farts your cum out of her ass right after you've pulled it out.
Submitted by: Rich 3,680 views 3.08 = Howling Goucho, A Star Howling Goucho, A Star Howling Goucho, A Star (26 votes)

Kung Pao Poof Added: 5/31/2005 Noun  
When you drop ass wind in the company kitchen and someone walks in, takes a snif...
Submitted by: rich 33,438 views 1.90 = Kung Pao Poof Star Kung Pao Poof Star (10 votes)

Officer Don't Shoot Added: 2/26/2004 Noun  
When some dick head is pissing at a urinal and he has his feet spread apart, bot...
Submitted by: rich 7,171 views 2.20 = Officer Don't Shoot Star Officer Don't Shoot Star (5 votes)

Painting Pookie Added: 4/27/2004 Verb  
When you're fucking a girl on her bed (preferably a virgin, for maximum emotiona...
Submitted by: Rich 4,812 views 1.60 = Painting Pookie Star Painting Pookie Star (20 votes)

Preemptive Strike Added: 2/23/2004 Noun  
When you're in a public bathroom taking a piss at a urinal and someone else is o...
Submitted by: rich 3,625 views 3.25 = Preemptive Strike Star Preemptive Strike Star Preemptive Strike Star (8 votes)

Quail Hunter Added: 3/24/2006 Noun  
When you and your friend are tag teaming a girl, you pull out to blow your load ...
Submitted by: Rich 36,754 views 3.00 = Quail Hunter Star Quail Hunter Star Quail Hunter Star (12 votes)

Spiderman Added: 2/5/2003 Noun  
Jack off into the palm of your hand and flick your salty seed like spidermans we...
Submitted by: rich 6,209 views 2.00 = Spiderman Star Spiderman Star (3 votes)

Stinky Spinniker, A Added: 6/15/2004 Noun  
When a girl farts so hard that you can actually see her skirt or dress flap in t...
Submitted by: Rich 2,816 views 2.00 = Stinky Spinniker, A Star Stinky Spinniker, A Star (6 votes)

Wrestling Bozo Added: 3/9/2004 Verb  
When you've been getting a lot of ass or when you bang one particular skank with...
Submitted by: Rich 3,369 views 2.50 = Wrestling Bozo Star Wrestling Bozo Star Wrestling Bozo Star (2 votes)

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