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Brownian motion Added: 6/10/2004 Noun  
Well, for the non-scientist this is after you take a humongous dump, the turd to...
Submitted by: Medstud79 1,722 views 2.00 = Brownian motion Star Brownian motion Star (3 votes)

Cornhusker, The Added: 6/7/2004 Noun  
Whilst plowing the fields, you reflect that a cornhole is technically your assho...
Submitted by: Medstud79 1,935 views 1.00 = Cornhusker, The Star (2 votes)

Cruisin for a creamin' Added: 6/3/2004 Verb  
Whilst rollerblading, you have your g/f next to you on a skateboard trying to gi...
Submitted by: Medstud79 1,877 views 3.71 = Cruisin for a creamin' Star Cruisin for a creamin' Star Cruisin for a creamin' Star Cruisin for a creamin' Star (31 votes)

E. coli sandwich, The Added: 7/30/2004 Noun  
Take 2 parts bread, one part strawberry jelly, and one pound of freshly-squeezed...
Submitted by: Medstud79 4,986 views 2.00 = E. coli sandwich, The Star E. coli sandwich, The Star (9 votes)

Formula One Added: 6/15/2004 Noun  
While their not looking you grab your friends carbonated beverage and quickly ru...
Submitted by: Medstud79 1,644 views 2.93 = Formula One Star Formula One Star Formula One Star (14 votes)

Gummin' up the works Added: 6/17/2004 Verb  
Grab a bottle of toothpaste and completely discharge the contents into a sink an...
Submitted by: Medstud79 1,782 views 3.40 = Gummin' up the works Star Gummin' up the works Star Gummin' up the works Star (5 votes)

Holo-dump Added: 6/19/2004 Noun  
You cleverly locate the ships holo-deck and squat like a sailor in the corner an...
Submitted by: Medstud79 2,014 views 3.25 = Holo-dump Star Holo-dump Star Holo-dump Star (20 votes)

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Mental-bation Added: 6/3/2004 Noun  
There is no physical way to explain this other than if you've already done it. Y...
Submitted by: Medstud79 1,628 views 1.00 = Mental-bation Star (1 vote)

Northern State, The Added: 12/27/2004 Noun  
When a girl is giving you a handjob whilst driving down your favorite 2-lane hig...
Submitted by: medstud79 1,565 views 3.00 = Northern State, The Star Northern State, The Star Northern State, The Star (2 votes)

Poultrygeist Added: 2/7/2005 Noun  
Well, you take a carcass of a "post game" turkey (i.e. you already ate most of i...
Submitted by: Medstud79 32,099 views 1.43 = Poultrygeist Star (14 votes)

Reversal of Fortune, The Added: 1/9/2005 Noun  
When a man takes his balls and penis and shoves them up his own ass.
Submitted by: Medstud79 32,054 views 2.50 = Reversal of Fortune, The Star Reversal of Fortune, The Star Reversal of Fortune, The Star (14 votes)

Sneaky Sailor Added: 2/11/2004 Noun  
When you get behind someone in a shower and shove your erection in them.
Submitted by: medstud79 2,009 views 2.31 = Sneaky Sailor Star Sneaky Sailor Star (16 votes)

Swiss Family Throbbinson Added: 6/15/2004 Noun  
After being shipwrecked with no sign of aid, the captain decides to fuck his ent...
Submitted by: Medstud79 1,813 views 1.13 = Swiss Family Throbbinson Star (24 votes)

Weighing by difference Added: 7/11/2004 Verb  
After 5 days no masterbation, you take a kitchen scale and lay your balls across...
Submitted by: Medstud79 1,795 views 1.07 = Weighing by difference Star (41 votes)

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