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The World's Largest Sex & Swinger Personals Community

barking seal Added: 6/27/2003 Noun  
Mowing box and having one of the loose hairs get lodged just on the back of the ...
Submitted by: Da gooch 4,763 views 2.00 = barking seal Star barking seal Star (9 votes)

bedroom racer Added: 6/27/2003 Noun  
Doing anal on a first timer. Both hand's on the shoulder's and burried ball's de...
Submitted by: Da gooch 3,862 views 3.31 = bedroom racer Star bedroom racer Star bedroom racer Star (13 votes)

Beer sloth Added: 6/25/2003 Noun  
A person that is at all the parties "usually with no money" who will stop at not...
Submitted by: Da gooch 4,069 views 2.50 = Beer sloth Star Beer sloth Star Beer sloth Star (12 votes)

bitter root Added: 3/31/2003 Noun  
A dirty cock. Possibly dirty from working too hard
Submitted by: da gooch 5,484 views 1.17 = bitter root Star (54 votes)

bork Added: 10/4/2005 Noun  
Sticking your nose in a chicks ass while eating her from behind
Submitted by: Da Gooch 33,056 views 3.18 = bork Star bork Star bork Star (11 votes)

dry docking Added: 6/25/2003 Noun  
When you take a shit and the turd leap's out of your ass right onto the back of ...
Submitted by: Da gooch 7,201 views 1.35 = dry docking Star (17 votes)

duck egg Added: 9/25/2005 Noun  
Balling up one of your nuts and trying to force it into a chicks ass
Submitted by: Da Gooch 33,636 views 2.13 = duck egg Star duck egg Star (16 votes)

elastic death grip Added: 6/25/2003 Noun  
When your going to touch a womans clit under the panties the elastic part of the...
Submitted by: Da gooch 6,270 views 2.82 = elastic death grip Star elastic death grip Star elastic death grip Star (11 votes)

Head hunter Added: 6/25/2003 Noun  
A person that goes from store to store trying to find a place that will let them...
Submitted by: Da gooch 3,586 views 2.50 = Head hunter Star Head hunter Star Head hunter Star (16 votes)

liquored eel Added: 3/31/2003 Noun  
when your cock goes limp befor , after , or during sex thus giving it the swayin...
Submitted by: da gooch 6,662 views 1.69 = liquored  eel Star liquored  eel Star (13 votes)

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mason fart Added: 9/25/2005 Noun  
The art of farting into a mason jar and screwing the lid on tight, put it on a s...
Submitted by: DA GOOCH 33,162 views 2.00 = mason fart Star mason fart Star (6 votes)

meat probe Added: 6/25/2003 Noun  
Injecting your cock up a drunk chicks ass without lube.
Submitted by: Da gooch 3,601 views 2.59 = meat probe Star meat probe Star meat probe Star (17 votes)

mossburgh Added: 3/31/2003 Noun  
A turd that has been left unattended for so long withought being flushed that it...
Submitted by: da gooch 4,564 views 1.00 = mossburgh Star (1 vote)

peach nut Added: 6/25/2003 Noun  
A guy that wears swim trunk's that are way too short and while crossing the legs...
Submitted by: Da gooch 4,193 views 2.00 = peach nut Star peach nut Star (9 votes)

poached eggs Added: 8/27/2005 Noun  
When sitting in the bath too long your balls and sack get loose and floppy and h...
Submitted by: Da Gooch 33,172 views 3.31 = poached eggs Star poached eggs Star poached eggs Star (13 votes)

seeded crown Added: 6/25/2003 Noun  
Having to take a shit really bad after eating trail mix seed's and or nut's. Whi...
Submitted by: Da gooch 4,052 views 2.13 = seeded crown Star seeded crown Star (8 votes)

shoe hornin Added: 3/31/2003 Verb  
during ass sex with a chick you find that the head of your cock has gotten so hu...
Submitted by: da gooch 10,488 views 3.39 = shoe hornin Star shoe hornin Star shoe hornin Star (125 votes)

swamp cooler Added: 3/31/2003 Noun  
When driving home frome work and your ass is so slimy from workin hard that you ...
Submitted by: da gooch 4,311 views 4.00 = swamp cooler Star swamp cooler Star swamp cooler Star swamp cooler Star (2 votes)

throwin the dice Added: 8/27/2005 Noun  
Pumpin a chick so hard in the missionary position that your balls start swinging...
Submitted by: Da Gooch 34,372 views 1.83 = throwin the dice Star throwin the dice Star (6 votes)

yodling sally Added: 12/22/2003 Noun  
Quickly removing your cock from a chick's ass and watching it pucker and chew on...
Submitted by: DA GOOCH 5,323 views 3.24 = yodling sally Star yodling sally Star yodling sally Star (45 votes)

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