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Do you like Big Boobs? These hefty's are looking for you.

Hairy cup Added: 11/22/2003 Noun  
An alternative title for the vaginal area.
Submitted by: kelvin 4,746 views 3.14 = Hairy cup Star Hairy cup Star Hairy cup Star (14 votes)

hairy deck Added: 7/23/2003 Noun  
A woman with alot of facial hair.
Submitted by: deuce 4,322 views 2.50 = hairy deck Star hairy deck Star hairy deck Star (8 votes)

Hairy Eyeball Added: 9/23/2005 Noun  
What your dog is giving you when you are jerking off and suddenly notice he/she ...
Submitted by: Dustin Chewy 34,304 views 3.77 = Hairy Eyeball Star Hairy Eyeball Star Hairy Eyeball Star Hairy Eyeball Star (66 votes)

hairy fungus Added: 11/22/2005 Noun  
very hairy sweaty musty balls
Submitted by: [email protected] 33,990 views 1.00 = hairy fungus Star (1 vote)

Hairy Gorilla Added: 10/5/2004 Noun  
A girl give you head and right before you go you pull out and jizum on her face....
Submitted by: Turtle Head 3,764 views 2.75 = Hairy Gorilla Star Hairy Gorilla Star Hairy Gorilla Star (12 votes)

hairy gum Added: 12/3/2004 Noun  
That which is not a penis yet protrudes from a gentleman's shorts when they are ...
Submitted by: liver pool 3,650 views 2.77 = hairy gum Star hairy gum Star hairy gum Star (22 votes)

hairy jizz Added: 2/11/2003 Noun  
Semen that has been stuck to a woman's or man's pubic hair for more than a day.
Submitted by: Deven Mason 5,413 views 2.50 = hairy jizz Star hairy jizz Star hairy jizz Star (12 votes)

Hairy Mary Added: 4/14/2009 Noun  
When a women has not groomed her vagina in years!!
Submitted by: Mike McIntyre 3,157 views 4.00 = Hairy Mary Star Hairy Mary Star Hairy Mary Star Hairy Mary Star (1 vote)

hairy mites Added: 4/5/2003 Noun  
Bugs that live in your pubes.
Submitted by: SHO Off 6,328 views 1.00 = hairy mites Star (4 votes)

hairy money Added: 8/26/2003 Noun  
The money shot on a HUGE hairy bush. I am not talking 70's Bush's here, even big...
Submitted by: Jason 4,564 views 1.50 = hairy money Star hairy money Star (14 votes)

Hairy Monkey Added: 5/3/2005 Noun  
Before engaging in intercourse the man shaves his pubes and puts them in a pile ...
Submitted by: Kub 33,955 views 1.00 = Hairy Monkey Star (1 vote)

Hairy Muff Nuts Added: 2/17/2003 Noun  
Knots of hair that accumulate when a womans bush is so unkempt that it is like a...
Submitted by: Zach 6,419 views 1.70 = Hairy Muff Nuts Star Hairy Muff Nuts Star (10 votes)

Hairy PB&J Sandwich, A Added: 9/20/2004 Noun  
When a guy lays on his stomach and spreads open his ass cheeks so that his girl ...
Submitted by: Jim 4,070 views 2.13 = Hairy PB&J Sandwich, A Star Hairy PB&J Sandwich, A Star (8 votes)

The World's Largest Sex & Swinger Personals Community

hairy sample Added: 6/25/2003 Noun  
when some girl is giving u head and she swallows a large ball of pubic hairs.
Submitted by: shadryou 3,951 views 2.13 = hairy sample Star hairy sample Star (8 votes)

Hairy Taco Added: 9/29/2003 Noun  
AKA Vagina
Submitted by: Erik 4,324 views 1.50 = Hairy Taco Star Hairy Taco Star (12 votes)

hairy toffee Added: 4/9/2004 Noun  
the annoying bits of shit that hang around on your arse hair after a banginig tu...
Submitted by: stephen gillies 3,685 views 1.00 = hairy toffee Star (2 votes)

hairy Tunnel Added: 5/19/2004 Noun  
its what you get when you have an over bundance of butt hair.
Submitted by: GoKings 3,656 views 3.14 = hairy Tunnel Star hairy Tunnel Star hairy Tunnel Star (7 votes)

hairy vagut Added: 2/9/2006 Noun  
half vagina half gut on a hairy fat girl
Submitted by: dave 33,992 views  

HairyBeanbag Added: 6/16/2003 Noun  
another name for ballsack
Submitted by: Jon 4,348 views 2.74 = HairyBeanbag Star HairyBeanbag Star HairyBeanbag Star (19 votes)

Half Pipe Added: 6/6/2003 Noun  
A penis which is curved so much, it could be used as a ramp.
Submitted by: badmilk 4,502 views 2.06 = Half Pipe Star Half Pipe Star (17 votes)

Half-A-Dog Added: 3/10/2005 Noun  
A semi erect cock.
Submitted by: Jizlicker Chris 33,790 views 1.00 = Half-A-Dog Star (1 vote)

Half-baked loaf Added: 8/21/2003 Noun  
What happens when shit comes out of your partner due to accidentally pressing on...
Submitted by: Alexanderoux 4,333 views 2.00 = Half-baked loaf Star Half-baked loaf Star (6 votes)

halifax harbour huck Added: 11/5/2003 Noun  
when you're eating a girl out and she's so nasty you puke in her snatch
Submitted by: rob 7,240 views 2.38 = halifax harbour huck Star halifax harbour huck Star (13 votes)

hallisackitosis Added: 11/18/2004 Noun  
Bad breath caused by licking the nads of someone who hasn't bathed in a long tim...
Submitted by: reggie 3,809 views 2.20 = hallisackitosis Star hallisackitosis Star (5 votes)

halloween havock Added: 4/27/2004 Noun  
its where you fart in someones halloween mask and then the person puts it on.
Submitted by: adam korhut 5,847 views 2.20 = halloween havock Star halloween havock Star (5 votes)

Showing 26-50 of 539   [ << First 25 ] [ Next 25 >> ]

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