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Dictionary Search 450 words matched the letter "G"

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Garbage Man Dick Added: 4/18/2006 Noun  
When your pubic hair is longer than your penis.
Submitted by: Jay M 35,737 views 3.18 = Garbage Man Dick Star Garbage Man Dick Star Garbage Man Dick Star (11 votes)

Garboon Added: 2/15/2004 Noun  
Crap that sticks to the hair of your ass. Usually found to be true in animals an...
Submitted by: A gay named Todd 6,691 views 1.55 = Garboon Star Garboon Star (11 votes)

garden hos Added: 8/12/2009 Noun  
When your about to put your dick in her brown eye and she squrts shit at you. (T...
Submitted by: robbie 2,857 views  

Garden Weasel Added: 8/13/2003 Noun  
crossing your index and middle fingers, then crossing your pinky and ring finger...
Submitted by: Sean 5,827 views 3.09 = Garden Weasel Star Garden Weasel Star Garden Weasel Star (11 votes)

gargle my bag Added: 1/11/2003 Verb  
To swallow cum.
Submitted by: HeyJoe 5,870 views 2.50 = gargle my bag Star gargle my bag Star gargle my bag Star (6 votes)

gargoyle Added: 4/20/2004 Noun  
A gargoyle is when you tuck you balls and penis behind your gouch like a man gin...
Submitted by: Mitchell 4,215 views 2.13 = gargoyle Star gargoyle Star (8 votes)

Gas Ass Added: 3/10/2005 Noun  
the act of fucking in a gas station bathroom
Submitted by: apples 34,064 views 2.50 = Gas Ass Star Gas Ass Star Gas Ass Star (2 votes)

Gas Chamber, The Added: 8/4/2004 Noun  
When your in bed with your girl and she has the sheets pulled up near her chest,...
Submitted by: Davidius 3,890 views 2.00 = Gas Chamber, The Star Gas Chamber, The Star (9 votes)

Gas Mask Added: 12/11/2003 Noun  
The dear lady lies down with the mans bollocks on her eyes(to flutter the lashes...
Submitted by: Matthew Guest MTS 4,146 views 2.88 = Gas Mask Star Gas Mask Star Gas Mask Star (8 votes)

gas puller Added: 12/9/2003 Noun  
Someone who is able to fart at will.
Submitted by: Eddie 3,747 views 2.36 = gas puller Star gas puller Star (11 votes)

gasbag Added: 4/23/2005 Noun  
when your rude gay lover farts in your mouth while your licking his ass. You suc...
Submitted by: colonel angus 34,112 views 1.44 = gasbag Star (9 votes)

gash Added: 1/10/2003 Noun  
AKA: vagina, pussy, cunt, etc...however, it is usually for a girl w/ a dirty pus...
Submitted by: prince allwilly 4,968 views 2.20 = gash Star gash Star (5 votes)

gash pile Added: 11/8/2003 Noun  
Inreference to carpet (pile) hair quality on a pussy.
Submitted by: panblanco 3,890 views 1.90 = gash pile Star gash pile Star (10 votes)

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gash puss Added: 10/13/2003 Noun  
when your at a party and your friend tells you to nail that girl because shes wa...
Submitted by: Brian 3,973 views 2.00 = gash puss Star gash puss Star (6 votes)

Gash Shingle Added: 6/10/2004 Noun  
This is you when you pull out right before your about to cum and you blow it all...
Submitted by: GC Harry 3,807 views 3.40 = Gash Shingle Star Gash Shingle Star Gash Shingle Star (5 votes)

gash smoker Added: 2/9/2006 Noun  
When you eat out a girl after sex, when the vagina is still gashed open
Submitted by: ab 33,771 views 1.89 = gash smoker Star gash smoker Star (9 votes)

gash toker Added: 11/10/2003 Noun  
From the work factory: one who sucks on the snatch rather than licking.
Submitted by: panblanco 3,758 views 2.31 = gash toker Star gash toker Star (16 votes)

gashed rectum Added: 10/1/2003 Noun  
When a man takes a younger woman from the rear end for the first time with no an...
Submitted by: Jazzman 3,902 views 2.20 = gashed rectum Star gashed rectum Star (5 votes)

Gaslympics Added: 3/4/2003 Noun  
A competition where people compete to see who can fart and blow more flour out o...
Submitted by: Mikhunt 5,233 views 1.60 = Gaslympics Star Gaslympics Star (10 votes)

Gasmask Added: 8/3/2003 Noun  
Catching your own fart in your hand and cupping it over your someones's face.
Submitted by: Mask Man 4,420 views 2.25 = Gasmask Star Gasmask Star (12 votes)

gass chamber Added: 3/28/2003 Noun  
when you fart and keep all the windows closed so that all in the room or car suf...
Submitted by: moose 4,820 views 2.64 = gass chamber Star gass chamber Star gass chamber Star (11 votes)

Gassy Guts Added: 2/25/2006 Noun  
someone who can't stop farting.
Submitted by: Scott Hillman 33,748 views 2.88 = Gassy Guts Star Gassy Guts Star Gassy Guts Star (16 votes)

Gastric Byass Added: 7/23/2003 Noun  
When a male farts during sex and attempts to pass it off as an orgasm.
Submitted by: Ector Von Hemerstone 3,953 views 2.91 = Gastric Byass Star Gastric Byass Star Gastric Byass Star (11 votes)

gator neck Added: 3/5/2003 Noun  
when you beat it so much that you start to chaffe. and it looks like gator skin
Submitted by: shit face (chad holp) 5,214 views 2.50 = gator neck Star gator neck Star gator neck Star (4 votes)

gauby Added: 10/5/2004 Noun  
When you take home a fat chick and you fuck the fat folds in between her vagina ...
Submitted by: gauby 3,629 views 1.42 = gauby Star (12 votes)

Showing 26-50 of 450   [ << First 25 ] [ Next 25 >> ]

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