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Baby gravy Added: 1/30/2003 Noun  
Sperm or semen
Submitted by: Bronco 8,129 views 2.20 = Baby gravy Star Baby gravy Star (15 votes)

Baby Lottery, The Added: 10/23/2005 Noun  
When you stick a funnel in a girls pussy and a bunch of guys jack off in it, and...
Submitted by: Tim Harr 34,576 views 2.00 = Baby Lottery, The Star Baby Lottery, The Star (12 votes)

Baby Shower Added: 10/23/2005 Noun  
when you fucking your wife right next to your baby in the bed and pull your cock...
Submitted by: Heath Houston 35,712 views 1.22 = Baby Shower Star (77 votes)

Baby Shower, The Added: 8/15/2009 Noun  
In your girlfriends 3rd trimester, have your girl friend standing. Then take the...
Submitted by: CRT 3,409 views 2.00 = Baby Shower, The Star Baby Shower, The Star (2 votes)

baby snakes Added: 2/25/2006 Noun  
long, skinny poopies
Submitted by: Brian 33,975 views 3.10 = baby snakes Star baby snakes Star baby snakes Star (10 votes)

Baby-Bird Added: 11/4/2007 Noun  
The position of an individual's neck, face and mouth during facial ejaculation, ...
Submitted by: Felipe 34,177 views 2.20 = Baby-Bird  Star Baby-Bird  Star (5 votes)

Babysitter,The Added: 3/24/2006 Noun  
The act of busting in a girls eye and then in her ear.
Submitted by: Vinsen 33,876 views 1.00 = Babysitter,The Star (2 votes)

Back Bay Low Tide Added: 10/9/2003 Noun  
The worst smelling pussy known to man. Worse than ball sweat.
Submitted by: Dogpiss123 5,422 views 2.94 = Back Bay Low Tide Star Back Bay Low Tide Star Back Bay Low Tide Star (17 votes)

back boobies Added: 3/24/2006 Noun  
fat rolls on the back that looks like tits
Submitted by: in heat 33,911 views 3.00 = back boobies Star back boobies Star back boobies Star (6 votes)

Back Bowl Added: 10/1/2003 Noun  
When your shit sticks to the back of the toilet bowl and if you really try, the ...
Submitted by: Jack Mehoff 4,882 views 1.90 = Back Bowl Star Back Bowl Star (10 votes)

Back chops Added: 1/31/2007 Noun  
The extra fat on the back of an over weight woman where her tits would be on her...
Submitted by: The big Newbowski 34,706 views 2.67 = Back chops Star Back chops Star Back chops Star (18 votes)

Back Door Bingo Added: 5/3/2005 Noun  
Another word for anal sex.
Submitted by: Goducks43 36,034 views 1.22 = Back Door Bingo Star (50 votes)

Back Door Burglar Added: 3/15/2003 Noun  
A homosexual
Submitted by: Dave 7,287 views 3.71 = Back Door Burglar Star Back Door Burglar Star Back Door Burglar Star Back Door Burglar Star (41 votes)

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Back Door Trots Added: 3/11/2003 Noun  
Submitted by: Snack 5,888 views 1.42 = Back Door Trots Star (12 votes)

Back Draft Added: 11/27/2006 Noun  
When a female impersonator farts into her duct tape, it turns into a bubble then...
Submitted by: Caindia Monrah 34,190 views 4.00 = Back Draft Star Back Draft Star Back Draft Star Back Draft Star (1 vote)

back pack dirt blower Added: 2/26/2009 Noun  
when you put your dick between your legs so it comes out by your asshole then ma...
Submitted by: steve 3,244 views 2.20 = back pack dirt blower Star back pack dirt blower Star (5 votes)

back shots Added: 7/23/2003 Noun  
Fucking a girl doggy style then pulling out and shooting it on her back.
Submitted by: 210club 5,095 views 2.50 = back shots Star back shots Star back shots Star (6 votes)

Back Splash Added: 7/7/2004 Noun  
When you take a shit so big that the toilet water splashes back up on your ass
Submitted by: Brandon Lay 4,149 views 2.20 = Back Splash Star Back Splash Star (5 votes)

Back to Back Truth Machine Added: 8/9/2009 Noun  
When you and a friend have anal sex with each others partners, back to back, so ...
Submitted by: Matthew McGowan 2,932 views 2.00 = Back to Back Truth Machine Star Back to Back Truth Machine Star (1 vote)

Back to the Future Added: 8/1/2003 Noun  
Making a date with an ex for sex.
Submitted by: Kyle Jerikson 5,827 views 1.50 = Back to the Future Star Back to the Future Star (2 votes)

Backdoor Bayou Added: 3/24/2006 Noun  
When you do a girl anally from behind and when you pull out you shove your shit ...
Submitted by: Balls Johnson 34,763 views 1.67 = Backdoor Bayou Star Backdoor Bayou Star (9 votes)

Backdoor Beauty Added: 2/18/2003 Noun  
A woman who enjoys anal sex, and gives it out with much pleasure. Woman usually...
Submitted by: Zach 8,291 views 1.24 = Backdoor Beauty Star (33 votes)

Back-Door-Bandit Added: 2/5/2003 Noun  
When one man attemps, or sucseeds in fucking another man in the ass
Submitted by: David Juniper 6,311 views 1.90 = Back-Door-Bandit Star Back-Door-Bandit Star (10 votes)

Backdraft Added: 5/23/2003 Noun  
when a guy cums in a girls ass and when he pulls out, it explodes all over his c...
Submitted by: Uncle Fred 6,192 views 4.00 = Backdraft Star Backdraft Star Backdraft Star Backdraft Star (1 vote)

Backerfest Added: 4/8/2006 Noun  
An event where 3 men race to see who can get their own dick up their own ass and...
Submitted by: Herbie Hancock 33,908 views 2.00 = Backerfest Star Backerfest Star (9 votes)

Showing 26-50 of 1310   [ << First 25 ] [ Next 25 >> ]

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